10 Things, a Good Wife do not do to their Husbands!

To be a successful Muslim wife to win the heart of the husband, Islam gives proper rights to a woman in the light of Quran and Sunnah of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)

It is very vital to invest in your marriage and do not follow these 10 ugly habits in order to become a satisfactory companion.

1. Distressing
Your husband knows what to do and when to execute. Do not become the cause of tension and unnecessary pressurize him either by repeatedly saying or asking for things. He will get it done when he’ll feel right. He’s all listening, drafting and fully intends to follow. You nagging cannot change his mind.

2. Don’t Complain
Try to keep your relationship positive instead of constant complaining and criticizing. If you’ll show your negative side the most, you’ll end up always with a bad memory struggling out of an argument which is definitely not healthy for a shadow of a perfect marriage. Keep on sharing, make your husband laugh, talk with him but never make things complicated. Have patience.

3. Don’t turn into a Gossip Queen
We know that you and your girlfriends pour out a lot when you meet even if it’s a phone conversation; you barely miss any chance to belittle for the one you have been stocking inside. Don’t try this in your personal life. The ragging will go too far. If they’re doing on their husbands, you don’t need to join the queue. Eat up your stuff.

4. Don’t Disrespect
Just like you can’t bear rudeness or impoliteness and it feels insulting to you. Same your husband will not get entertain on his mistakes if you’ll give him a tough look and rough language. Be very consulted with your husband before judging his decision leading you to bad-mouthing. Avoid interruption when he speaks. Listen to his tale first.

5. Don’t Prioritize Others
As a good wife, it should be your prior responsibility to make his first priority in every matter and make him your quality time even if you’re busy. Don see others ahead of him as you may have other works to do but he should know that there is none above his presence.

6. Don’t Beg for Intimacy
It often happens that things don’t work out in a way we have thought or expected. Bargaining for it, again and again, will not make the moment more pleasurable for you. Your intimacy need may be different from him and this isn’t a game that at some time you would be raving about it and the other time you withhold sex. Work on this together.

7. Don’t be one money looter
To get awarded the title of a good wife, this isn’t easy as you think. Your husband earns through hard-work to feed you and to spend on expenses. You’re the one who spends and shops. Every couple’s financial situation is unique. It is better to understand yours and make your wish affordable within the budget. Control on your undue consumption and learn to live within your husband’s pocket.

8. Don’t become his Mother
Your husband has a mother and he surely does not need a second one. He didn’t marry you so that you keep him under your control order him or either giving him inessential advice. In this he may get fed up with you so don’t act like one. Instead become his best friend and let him make a decision on his own. Don’t be over- nosey about every minute of his day.

9. Escape from Unrealistic Expectations
Keeping high expectations is not a crime but expect something above the sky is not possible for your husband even if he’s a super-man, super-man got some limits too. Don’t force him or get frustrated over it if progress is slow or ‘No’. He cares and loves you a lot that he will try to cover every measure to make your expectation true. Be hopeful.

10. Don’t Enter into his Private Zone
Every man like his own space and doesn’t like anyone to interfere with his privacy. They have their own areas of comfort so don’t tap into his domain and rule over. Let him do his thing and as a smart and good wife and make your own rules too.