5 things to keep in mind to get the most out of your Paytm KYC experience

Life is in its finer details. Small gestures and precautions often go a longer way than a grand act. These ‘little’ things are never difficult — they only demand a little extra effort from our end.

Take the Paytm KYC for instance — it bumps up your Paytm wallet balance limit to INR 1 lakh, allows unlimited spending from your Paytm wallet and makes you eligible to open Paytm payments bank account. If you take a minute to do the following checks before handing over your documents, information or biometrics for Paytm KYC, we can serve you better forever.

1. Check for the Golden Gate app


App Icon
App Homescreen

Please look for the Golden Gate icon app on the agent’s phone while doing your Paytm KYC.

The information collected using the Golden Gate app is automatically transferred to Paytm servers and not stored on the agent’s phone.

Golden Gate app is the only means of doing your Paytm KYC.

2. Share the Paytm Code for completing your KYC with the agent in-person only

During the KYC process, you’ll receive an SMS on your registered mobile number in the following format:

“XXXXXX is your Paytm Code. Please enter this code to confirm your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions available on agent’s device & get your KYC done for FREE.”

Share this code with the agent in-person only. If the SMS received is not in above format, do not share the code.

3. Paytm KYC is, was and will always be free

We don’t charge you a penny for the Paytm KYC and we never will. Please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

4. There has never been a better time to get your Paytm KYC done

We are currently running a special offer for our KYC programme. 

5. Let’s not share identity-proof documents on WhatsApp or E-mail

Paytm KYC mandates an in-person meeting with an authorized agent. If any agent is asking for documents on WhatsApp/email, please do not share and report immediately to our customer care.

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