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Caught On Camera: Man In Indore Gym Hits Woman For Complaining Against Him


A CCTV footage from a gym in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, revealed a shocking incident of assault in public on Saturday.

Tweeted out by news agency ANI, the footage showed a man, wearing a sleeveless T-shirt, getting ready to train, as another man arranges the weights for him. After a few seconds, a woman appears behind him and says something, to which the man reacts by punching her in the face. As she slumps down in pain, the man isn’t done yet. He kicks her on the knee, before others near him rush over to restrain him.

Reports say the man, identified as Puneet Malviya, is a resident of Mandsaur, who escaped after assaulting the woman. The woman had allegedly complained to the gym owners against his behaviour, especially the lewd comments he had made, which led to his violent outburst.

DSP Shashikant Kankane told ANI that a case of assault and molestation has been resigtered and the police was investigating the incident.

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