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How to Register for WhatsApp Business Now

Get your Business Name on WhatsApp Business

How to Register for WhatsApp Business Now and Adds verified badges to WhatsApp business accounts

Finally WhatsApp Business is lunched.
The Business-focused messenger will make it easier for customers and companies to communicate.

Small business owners that sign up to the app will be able to use WhatsApp Business and the regular version of WhatsApp as completely separate apps on the same mobile phone, Android Police has found.

That should make it easier to separate their personal and professional lives, which will help with organisation and save a lot of stress.

What’s more, they can link their company’s landline number to their WhatsApp Business app, saving them from handing out their personal number to hundreds or potentially thousands of complete strangers.

Messages and calls from customers will reach the landline number, but Business account users will be able to access them on their mobile.

To reiterate that WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are separate, the business version of the app has a slightly different logo too.

It has the same general design as the WhatsApp logo, but the Business badge features a B rather than a phone icon, and drops the white border.

WhatsApp Business is actually quite similar to normal WhatsApp, but has two additional sections in the Setting s menu: Statistics and Business Settings.

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Business Settings, meanwhile, lets users customise their profile and set automated responses for customers trying to get in contact during out of office hours.

WhatsApp Business is designed to make it easier for businesses and regular users to communicate on the platform.

It’s currently only available for beta testers, but when it’s ready people will be able to place orders on WhatsApp, and even receive updates from companies, like delivery confirmations and flight times, through it.

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